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George Washington

Just as we were getting ready for our D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time, we caught sight of a small black critter darting across the studio floor. We had a cricket! D.E.A.R. quickly became Drop Everything And Research. I casually asked an Eagle if he knew what crickets eat, he thought for a second and then his face suddenly face lit up "I CAN LOOK IT UP ON THE COMPUTER!" so off he went to research crickets while I caught the little bugger so we could get a better look at him.

We put together a large clear box with some apple seeds and a stem (from an Eagle’s lunch), a banana peel, and some grass. We went out into the wilderness (front yard) and found some thistle, grass, and twigs that he might enjoy hiding in and playing on during his short stay as a guest of our studio.

The next step was his name. It was decided that we should name him after an important person from history. Again, an Eagle raced to his computer to take up the mantle of lead researcher.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our new friend George Washington!

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