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Taskmaster Part 2

Love how these Eagles are learning to think outside the box.

Today's Task Master was: "Blow this piece of paper over from the furthest distance."

The Eagles, of course, started with the obvious, using their mouth to blow the piece of paper over. They started right next to it, but when they got beyond a few feet, they couldn't get it to budge anymore. They temporarily found their limit before someone re-read the task and noticed that it didn't say you have to blow it over with your mouth, it just had to be blown over.

One of the Eagles promptly grabbed their jacket off the back of their chair and started swinging it wildly though the air. Sure enough, the paper tumbled over. 8 ' 4" inches was the new record. They inched their way out to around 9 feet with this method before they couldn't get it to fall anymore. As they looked for new ways to generate wind, one student stopped and looked up. THE CEILING FANS! He rushed over to the switch on the wall flicked it on and once again, the paper fell. 13' 4"! After taping a few rulers together to get some extra reach, the final distance was 15'1" by way of ceiling fan!

We might bring this one back, I think there is a lot more they haven't come up with yet!

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