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Hi, let us introduce ourselves

About Quest Academy

North Idaho


Where Rathdrum, Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene meet, an innovative private preschool and elementary school are ready for your learner!


At Quest Academy North Idaho, our students have the freedom to learn in their style and at their pace. We supplement core learning with real-life projects and experiences to bring their studies to life. Part of our unique approach to learning includes placing students into mixed-age, learner-driven, and collaborative classrooms, giving them the opportunity to grow and be challenged by peers of various ages. 

Quest Academy is joining the proud family of 150+ Acton Academies around the world. It’s a model that’s timely and effective.

About the Acton Model

In an age where Google shares information, Uber shares cars, and Airbnb shares rooms, the Acton Academy brand of education turns learning upside down by equipping children to share learning with each other in a close-knit community, with extremely high standards of excellence.

Courage to Grow tells how a small school in Austin, Texas, sparked a worldwide awakening of families who believe every child deserves to find a calling that will change the world. 

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