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We'd Love to Meet You!

If you and your family are looking for something new for your student, visit our calendar of events to see how we are turning education upside down!


Katie talks to an interested parent at the

North Idaho Fair

Discovery Studio Exhibitions
Open to the public

September 29: Outdoor Survival Exhibition

November 18: Entrepreneurship Exhibition

December 16: American Citizenship Exhibition

February 17: Architecture Exhibition

March 24: Marine Life Exhibition

May 12: Edison's Lab Exhibition

June 8: Growing Curiosity Exhibition

2023 Upcoming Events

June 8th, 6-7pm:  Open House for both studios

June 20th, 6-7pm:  Open House for both studios


July 6th, 6-7pm:  Open House for both studios

July 18th, 6-7pm:  Open House for both studios

August 17th, 6-7pm:  New Parent Night

September 5th: First day of school for 2023-2024 year

Noah decorating cookie.jpg

A Quest Academy student decorating a cookie at the winter Maker's Market

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