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How We Got Here

Quest Academy North Idaho was born from a friendship when a family from the main campus in Austin, Texas sent one of our teammates the story of how Acton Academy was founded. Our teammate was so impressed by what he read that he shared the book and the vision with others in his sphere. 


That was in February 2019. In just one year, we went from one man seeing a possibility to 9 dedicated team members pouring themselves into a viable project. Quest Academy is unique in structure as we have the support of both our parent school, Acton Academy and our church, New Life.


Quest Academy has grown from a dream and a team of volunteers to a school with two distinct studios, three staff members, and dozens of learners and families.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of 3 staff members (left to right):  

  • Mimi Allred: Spark Studio Guide

  • Matt Gooch: Discovery Studio Guide & Head of School

  • Sammie Krieg: Studio Administrator

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