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Education Reimagined.

Quest Academy is an innovative new private preschool and elementary school in Kootenai County, Idaho. We're reinventing education, and your family can be a part of it.

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A Refreshing Approach


Quest Academy North Idaho, an Acton Academy School, is a new school offering a fresh approach to education. We believe every child is a genius on a hero’s journey, and that journey can include a love of learning, given the right environment. Supported by the latest research, we utilize unique but proven learning tools to set children free from the confines of lectures, homework and test-based curriculum.


"Best decision I ever made was enrolling my kids.. They absolutely love going to Quest Academy! I am so amazed at how they have excelled in all areas of their life. This school is way ahead when it comes to preparing children to be successful. They are the world changers, innovators, pioneers and champions of the future!"

Trish B - Quest Parent

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Tours will resume Spring 2024.

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